“I have enough jewelry.” SAID NO WOMAN EVER…….

Wishful & Whimsical vs. Why not? Life changes, people change and tough times come and go, but jewelry is always there.   Jewelry makes you feel confident.  It’s the sparkle that completes your outfit and makes you shine.   Whether it’s a bauble ring, your favorite diamond stud earrings, or a dazzling bib necklace, jewelry… Continue reading “I have enough jewelry.” SAID NO WOMAN EVER…….

Shoes: Magical & Money-Saving

Just a little excerpt from my new book being released by Amazon on Monday, April 13th!  I’m so excited to share it with you. “I will not tell you shoes have to be comfortable all the time. Some shoes are gorgeous and totally worth the pain. (ref: Mr. Blahnik and Mr. Choo) These are the… Continue reading Shoes: Magical & Money-Saving