Donuts & Dear Friends + Summer White Essentials

A week ago, a close friend gave me some much needed help in the simplest of ways.  She came to my house while my children napped and did my hair.

As a mom to a 4 year old boy (insert exhaustion sigh here) and a new baby girl, my life has undergone a big transition.  This change has been glorious and I am so lucky to have my two children on this earth and in my life, but it has been tiring.

And through it all, my hair was starting to look pitiful.  Pitiful means my natural color was starting to seep through the usually tressed up blonde.  This was a disaster.  Thank goodness for Tish.  A mother of three fantastic kids, she knows the trials of a mom with a newborn.

Not only is she a genius hairdresser, but she is also a dear friend.  The kind who brings your son a donut (his first ever!), sits with your newborn while you do dishes and enhances your hair so you feel like a beautiful woman again.  Every mom needs to feel this way.  We take so much time and energy caring for others and it feels marvelous to spoil ourselves.

I’ve been going to see Tish for my hair since I married my husband.  I joke that we are married as well.  We have been through so much together as friends and I love seeing her.

So thank you, dear friend.  Not only for “enhancing” my blonde, but for making me feel pretty again.  Every woman deserves to have a friend like you.


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Madewell // Vincenza D’Orsay Flat  //  Nordstrom  // Jeffrey Campbell

BCBG //   J Crew  // Topshop  //  Ann Taylor

Topshop Nordstrom //  Kate Spade  // J Crew


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