Reviving Brands & Trends: Sarah Jessica Parker is all things FABULOUS

Sarah Jessica Parker is a style icon.  I’ve always loved her outfits.  Recently, I saw she is the new face of Jordache and a while ago, I saw her wearing a Chanel fannypack.  (Can’t even believe I wrote those two words next to each other…..).

What happened to Jordache years ago?  I can’t remember.  But put SJP in an ad and all of a sudden, everyone is talking.  She’s such a fashionista that everyone will be clamoring for Jordache now.  (yes, even me…..I have another window open on my laptop looking at them now).

And the Chanel fannypack…..I don’t think people are calling it a fannypack anymore.  I believe I just dated myself as a child of the 90’s.  Chanel is all things lovely and superb and Karl Lagerfeld designed it.  So, of course, it is magnificent.  Bottom line, is there anything she can’t wear?

When a woman can carry herself so well that they make anything look wonderful; that is the epitome of class and intelligence.  Not only is SJP smart (see the the 73 questions from the SJP Vogue Interview HERE), but she also has a personal style that appears effortless.  She can wear any headpiece  and any pair of shoes and seem full of grace when some of us (ME) would fall over our own feet.

All hail, Sarah Jessica Parker.  If only all of us had the confidence and personal style she had.  Maybe she will read my Five Dresses Series if I send her a few copies?  (Shameless plug, I know.)

Below are a few pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that maybe Carrie Bradshaw would wear…….maybe 😉


Jeffrey Campbell //  Skagen //  Nordstrom //  BP

Kendra Scott // Kate Spade // Nordstrom // Marc by Marc Jacobs

Nordstrom // Nashelle // Steve Madden // Dress the Population


Pick up your copy of the Five Dresses Series on today….available in eBook format for the free Kindle app or in paperback.


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