Lipstick & Lullabies + High vs. Low Summer Style

Trying to keep up with all of the fashion week events and shows these days takes more time and energy.  As a mom of two, I still try to take time for myself and my hobbies. After all, that’s what makes me happy and feeds my soul. If I’m happy and taking care of myself, I will be a much better mom. So….middle of the night feedings with my daughter turn into YouTube channel watching. The Vogue channel is our favorite for up-to-date shows and designer news.  We also look at our favorite fashion blogs and watch the latest housewives on Bravo.  It mighty seem frivolous to some, but those little things make the middle of the night feedings easier to handle when I’m exhausted.  I try to dress as nicely as I used to, but sometimes I do try to rock the tennis skirt and polo for playdates.  One thing that will never change, and I mean ever….. I never forget concealer and blush.  Thank goodness for travel size.  I admit to applying a dash in the parking lot sometimes and glancing at my Instagram feed or other fashion blogs in the middle of moving laundry (or hiding for a minute).  

I never thought my life would be a blur of lipstick and lullabies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Below are some of my favorite picks for summer… of a high end designer favorite and the other, a similar pick under $75.  Guess, click and find out!

Guess 1   //     Guess 2

Guess 1      //      Guess 2

Guess 1     //     Guess 2

Guess 1     //     Guess 2

Guess 1     //     Guess 2 
An awesome find for me recently had been Stitchfix ….perfect for a busy mom like me who loves all things fashion! 

Be sure to pick up your copy of the Five Dresses Series on in either e-Book format (free Kindle app) or in paperback!


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