My Hero Wears Pink

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This holiday season, I decked the halls, sang Christmas carols, and wore the traditional green and red.  Ever a fashionista, though, my red and green was plaid 😉

I also wore another color, which has become a staple in my wardrobe and should become a part of yours.  Pink.

My son dreams of superheroes who save the day and wear capes or have magical powers.  I’m a grown woman and working mother of two and my hero wears pink.

My hero is a working mom of two who goes to chemo treatments and has more to defeat than a to-do list of errands.  She remains strong the entire time.

My hero is a single mom who doesn’t have time for herself since she gives all her energy to her children.

My hero is a dad who comes home from work and unselfishly tends to the needs of his family.

My hero is a grandmother, a mom, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.  She wears pink.  And in true Five Dresses form, her smile is her best accessory.

We all have those moments when life has been too much to bear.  Stress can overwhelm us, shake us to the core and  there never seems to be enough time.   When I feel this way, I think of my hero.

For she is FIERCE.  For she is MIGHTY.  For she is STRONG.


If you know someone who is going through a difficult time or needs help (especially if they are battling cancer or another illness), don’t just sit there.  HELP.  If you can’t give money to a person or a cause, offer your other talents.  Cook, chat on the phone, grocery shop, babysit.  Offer your time and love.  If you are able to donate money, the American Cancer Society is always accepting donations.

American Cancer Society

(*Please note this is not an affiliate link.)




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